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A. Vintage Bliss Market is an event held at Westport Plaza featuring a wide range of high quality handmade and vintage goods. Our goal is to accommodate approx. 90 vendors and attract 15,000+ attendees. 2018 will mark the fifth year for the event. Our average attendance over the last three years has been 10,000+.

A. Westport Plaza Management Company

  • Antiques & Goods - including furniture & accessories (big & small)
  • Vintage furniture
  • Vintage inspired clothing
  • Vintage jewelry using vintage components
  • Handmade jewelry stamped or other creative inspirations
  • Re-purposed items
  • High quality handmade items
  • Scents for the home and body
  • And more

A.  Applications will be open Janurary 15 - April 13 for the 2018 Vintage Bliss Market. For questions or concerns please send an email to

  10' x 10' - $100
  10' x 20' - $200 
  10' x 10' indoor space - $150 (limited availability)
  20' x 20' indoor space - $250 (limited availability)

  Saturday  10am - 6pm
  Sunday    10am - 3pm

A.  Applicants will be notified no later than April 27, 2018 regarding acceptance. If accepted, a vendor contract will be emailed to you at that time to complete and send in.

A.  Yes, we will be holding one meet and greet in the weeks leading up to the event. Vendors will receive their market materials, get a tour of our venue and be able to ask any questions they may have. Details about the meet and greet will be emailed to all accepted vendors.

A.  The Vintage Market is a juried event and participating vendors will be chosen based on product variety, originality, quality and display design. We will approve a limited number of any one type of vendors and products to reduce competition and provide the largest selection of merchandise to attendees.

A.  Up to 2 vendors may share a booth, but both vendors must apply separately and be approved. Once both vendors are approved, you will both have to sign a vendor contract and you can send in your appropriate size booth fee. Q. CAN I REQUEST MY BOOTH TO BE LOCATED NEXT TO A FRIEND’S BOOTH? A. Yes, however it is not guaranteed we will be able to accommodate vendors. Please make note of any requests on the application form.

A.  Yes, however it is not guaranteed we will be able to accommodate vendors. Please make note of any requests on the application form.

A.  Each vendor is responsible to collect their own money. If you choose to share your credit card machine with another vendor, that is at your own discretion. There is an ATM on-site as well.

A.  For outside vendors, the only thing permitted to be set-up on Friday is tents (however, we still recommend Saturday and Sunday set-up). All merchandise must be set-up on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Depending on location, some indoor vendors will be allowed to set up on Friday. We will allow all vendors to bring in and securely store merchandise on Friday if they choose at no additional charge.

A.  Vendors can begin set-up as early as they need, as long as they know where their booth will be located.  All vendors MUST BE COMPLETELY setup and in their booths 30 minutes prior to the event start time each day.

A.  No, there are a few ramps and loading docks near the event area that will need to be used. We will have a few carts vendors can utilize, but they are on a first come, first serve basis. If you will be bringing your items on Saturday/Sunday, we ask that you park in the designated loading/unloading area and unload items as quickly as possible, then move your vehicle before beginning to setup.

A.  Yes, but this is completely at your discretion. We will have event security and Maryland Heights Police Department roaming the area overnight, but please use your best judgment and remember this is a restaurant/entertainment complex and there will be patrons roaming the area throughout the evening. Weather is also very unpredictable and can severely damage tents and product if left out. It is our recommendation that if you do leave merchandise out, you cover your items so they are not visible. We also have storage areas available if you would like to store items overnight; please make prior arrangements with Event Director if you would like to do this. We will NOT be held responsible for any damaged or stolen items.

A.  Unfortunately due to the nature of the size of this event we will not be able to provide any additional space to vendors beyond what you have pre-purchased. Please note we will leave some room outside of your booth space to expand out slightly. If you are unable to fit all your items on the day of the event you can store them in our storage areas and as you begin to sell items you may refill your booth.

A.  All spaces will be assigned to vendors ahead of time. We will have maps being distributed for the attendees at the entrance and for this reason we will NOT be allowing vendors to switch spaces. If you would like to request being next to a particular vendor please make note of this on your application and send all requests to We will do our best to make accommodations, but cannot guarantee exact placement.

A.  Yes, however it is not guaranteed we will be able to accommodate vendors. Please make note of any requests on the application form.

A.  We have a limited number of booth spaces that will be accessible to power. Please note on your application if you request power. It will be permitted on a first come, first serve basis for an additional charge of $25.

A.  You are responsible for providing all your own displays including tables.

A.  You may use your space in any way you choose to display your items. No tents or tables are required, but if you choose to use one it is up to you to provide it. We do HIGHLY suggest the use of a tent though. We also cannot predict the weather, so we do ask that you weigh down your tents with appropriate weights. If we see that you are not properly weighted at the event, we may ask that you do so.

A.  No, all booth fees are non-refundable.

A. If accepted you will receive a vendor contract via email. All booth fees need to be paid either through Eventbrite or mailed in with your completed contract made out to WPP, LLC. Please note if paying through Eventbrite, there are additional processing fees. Information will be sent with your contract.

A.  Yes, it is your responsibility to collect sales tax for all items sold. The total is 7.613% and that includes Missouri, St. Louis County and Maryland Heights.

A.  Each vendor is responsible for their own forms of payment. Vendors are allowed to accept payment in the form of credit card, but we will not be providing you the means to do so. If you have an iPhone we recommend using the square app. There is NO WiFi available at Westport Plaza.

A.  The Vintage Bliss Market is an outdoor rain or shine event. We encourage the use of tents to protect your merchandise, but they are not required. In the case of inclement weather, event may be delayed depending on the severity. The only way the event will be cancelled is if there is a threat of severe weather.

A.  We will NOT be allowing any selling of mass produced items. This includes but is not limited to Stella & Dot, Arbonne, Mary Kay, Rodan + Fields, Scentsy, LuLaRoe. We are trying to create a vintage/handmade atmosphere for the Vintage Market that we do not want to compromise.

A.  Distribution of flyers, marketing materials and/or literature of any kind during the Vintage Market MUST be preapproved. Please email request to Event Director for approval.

A.  Yes, there will be portable restrooms on the premises available for all to use. Restrooms will also be available in the restaurants.

A.  Westport Plaza can accommodate 3,125 vehicles both on our exterior lots and two parking garages. We have also arranged for shuttles owned by our ownership group to shuttle patrons from an adjacent lot in case necessary.

A.  Each vendor will be allowed to bring in food or beverage for themselves. You are not allowed to sell any food or beverage, or to give away any food or beverage unless previously coordinated with Event Director. Permits are required from St. Louis County to do this.

A.  Yes, because our event area surface is on a paver system we have to be careful not to crack them. If you will be bringing large items (mostly larger pieces of furniture), please coordinate with Event Director to make special arrangements.

A.  Yes, by applying you will be automatically added to our mailing list.

A.  Westport Plaza and its contracted marketing/advertising agency will be using social media, website, posters, postcards, local print mailers, media such as local newspapers, magazines and radio, online event listings and networking with businesses to promote Vintage Bliss Market. You can help us market by using your own blog, website, and/or social media outlets. If you would like posters or postcards, please make note on your application the quantity you need and we will be sure you get these. An electronic postcard will be available to vendors. You can start by following our social media pages-, and

A.  We will be sending out emails with updates to our vendor contact list. If you need to contact us at any time please call 314.576.7100 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. 

A.  Yes, there are two Sheraton hotels on our property that will be blocking rooms on Friday and Saturday for vendors.

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A. No, customers are able to come and go freely without having to pay an entrance fee into the event.

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